Subscriptions and General Conditions

Suscription for the website:




What is it?   The site is a program, run by the internet,  that helps you with all the major questions, concerning growing cucumbers!  The information is coming from a group of independent consultants with many years of experience in cucumbers.


Why this program?   Every season growers focus on new targets;  more production, better quality, less energy etc.  To achieve these targets it is priority to have a good planning and to make as less mistakes as possible.

But on the other hand,  every year we see the same problems coming back in the same periods in the same regions.  So the conclusion is:  the best way to improve results is when we have a system that works more or less the same as a “car navigation sytem”; when it keeps you on the right track, and limits the number of mistakes,  results will improve for sure!   


For who is this system?:  for growers and managers but also for employees that are responsible for certain parts of growing . After all it is also a perfect  learning tool.  In some countries applications like this website are supported by sales organisations and/ or the government.


Set up of the system:

The target is: " to have as much relevant information available to make the right decisions as quick as possible". To achieve this it consists of:

*growing information for the different crops;  spring/summer/ autumn.

*different crops: traditional, high wire, artificial lights

*every crop is devided in different crop stages, for instance, planting, till first flower open,

  change to the laterals etc. for every crop stage there is information about:  24 h temperatures,

  pipe temperatures,  ventilation, screening, watering, nutrition etc. etc.   The information is

  split out in a few possibilities:  what to when the balance is OK, what to do when the crop is

  too vegetative, generative, etc, etc. All based on the target: “keep the crop on the right


*Also a lot of background information about nutrition, diseases, labor etc.  Besides lots/lots of

  pictures and in future also short movies about labor etc. 


Membership:  at the moment cucumber growers in Holland, Scandinavia, Canada, U.S. are working with this system, and the number increases every year.

Members will have a subscription for one year; besides they will get (by mail)  40 times per year “news from Holland”.  


Interested?  When you want to know more about the system or prices, please contact me.

It is also possible to get a free membership for one month! 




Ing. Herman Hermans

Innocrop Consulting H.Hermans

Kerkveldstraat 4

5991 BB Baarlo

tel: (+)31-77-4773967

mobile:  (+)31-6-46438151





Clients/ users of the system have to agree with the general conditions that are off application.






Article 1           General


a.    These conditions are applied and binding in their entirety for all our completed agreements or agreements resulting from this, including advice given and/or communication provided.

b.   Once the client has closed an agreement with us based upon these conditions, or if they are known to us in another manner, or becomes known to us in another manner, then these conditions become applicable for each and every following agreement made with us.

 c.   We strive to provide these General Conditions to the client before or during the closure of an agreement. If this does not indeed occur or for any reason is not possible, the client may request to see them or refer to the Kamer van Koophandel and Fabrieken in Venlo where these Conditions are deposited. In the first instance of request, these General Conditions will be sent free of charge. 

d.   In the event that one or more of the terms of these conditions are, or appear to be invalid, i.e. destroyed then this does not affect the validity of the other statements.


Article 2           General Conditions of the client and deviated agreements


a.    The general delivery-, payment- and purchase conditions of the client are not applicable to our offers and our closed agreements.

b.   Agreements between us and the client which vary from our General Conditions are only valid as agreed upon if we have confirmed these agreements in writing.



Article 3           Offers & prices


a.    All quotes remain informal unless explicitly expressed as otherwise.

b.   Unless otherwise mentioned in the offer, an offer has a validation term of 30 days. After the end of the validation term, the offer is no longer valid.

c.   The details and appendixes provided with the offer by us are for information only and are general in their entirety

d.   We hold all the rights to all intellectual and industrial properties provided with the offer, including design images, drawings, plans, schemes, material lists, software and other documentation.

e.   Everything mentioned in member associated  affairs, technical definitions and calculations remain our property and may not be copied, in part, or completely, without our explicit written permission, neither can they be given to third parties or made available in an manner to a third party.

f.    If after the offer or during the completion of an agreement, one or more of the costing factors upon which our prices are based undergo a change for whatever reason, we are within our rights to raise the agreed prices quoted in the agreement without the client having the right to terminate the agreement.

g.   All prices are excluding BTW unless otherwise disclosed in the offer.


Article 4           Delivery times


a.    Stated delivery terms and times with relation to the tasks accepted by us, are only approximate unless otherwise explicitly expressed as binding by us.

b.  The task granted to us will not be exported until the client has totally satisfied all the eventual details in connection with the completion of the agreement which have to be initiated firstly by the client.


Article 5           Un/foreseen Circumstances


a.    If we cannot comply with our agreement, partially, or completely as a consequence of certain un/foreseen circumstances, we are entitled to choose to dissolve or suspend the agreement in writing with immediate effect either for the duration of the execution of the agreement or due to certain un/foreseen circumstances, without us being held responsible for damages.

b.    Under un/foreseen  circumstances, many circumstances are included,  both foreseen and unforeseen which make the fulfilling of an agreement temporarily or permanently impossible, more than      troublesome or more expensive, such as war, the threat of war, civil war, state of siege, revolt, strike, fire, lock-out, radical alterations in the currency exchange rate, energy crisis, abnormal price increases in raw materials and energy, transportation difficulties, extreme weather conditions, severe disruptions at our company or  the inability of our delivery company to complete exports on time.



Article 6           Exclusions and limitations of liability


a.    For all direct damages to the client cause by, or if we are responsible due to a shortcoming in the fulfilling of the agreement, then the liability falls on us, subject to the limits agreed, except for in the instance of gross injustice limited to the agreed price.

b.   We are not responsible for all indirect damage in which the stagnation of the normal process of business of the client is included, except in the instance of gross misconduct.

c.   We are not responsible for any damage that occurs due to the actions of an aid which we have indicated on our own initiative with regard to the carry for the execution of the served agreement

d.   We are not responsible for any damage caused during the execution of the agreement as a result of businesses used which were offered to the client by ourselves, third parties or the client and for the execution of the agreement and who appear not to be suitable. We particularly cannot be held responsible for the correctness/validity of plans i.e. sketches, and other specifications, which provide the locations of various underground piping e.g. underground facilities/buildings.

e.   All objects, such as materials, or parts thereof and machinery, which are made available by the client to us, for the carrying out of the agreement, will not be insured by us. The client is obliged to insure these items themselves and ensure that they remain insured for the duration that they are with us.

f.   The items mentioned in section e. remain the responsibility of the client. The client is also responsible for any damage caused by using of these items.



Article 7           Necessary permissions


We are expressly not responsible for any eventual damage whilst carrying out the agreement which can be/is caused  as a result of a lack of the following; the permission necessary for the fulfilling of the agreement e.g. waste refusal permission, felling permission, drainage permission, excavation permission.



Article 8           Postponing and dissolution


If the client does not pay an invoice(s) when requested and/or requests a suspension of payment and/or asks to be  declared bankrupt i.e. requests and/or liquidates his company and/or his creditor revokes his credit and/or we have other reasonable grounds to believe that he cannot either fulfill his obligations, we are within our rights to suspend any further completion of the agreement as long as we deem that the client cannot fulfill his obligation or until such time that he can provide an out of court declaration where both parties agree on the dissolution of the agreement, without reducing our rights to compensation.



Article 9           Terms of payment


a.     Payment for the works carried out by us i.e. services, should be paid in full within 14 days of the date stated on the invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

b.     Should payment not be made on time, the full amount will be demanded and the client will be held liable without any notice being given.  Non- paid invoices will be subject to 1.5% interest, by the client,  for every month or part thereof, payable over the whole invoice amount.

c.     In the event that payment is not made on time, suspension of payment, of request therefore and/or liquidation of the company of the client, the invoice amount becomes demandable in full and we maintain the right to dissolve any further agreed works in writing without Legal intervention without reducing our rights to complete compensation.

d.     Should the client fail to fulfill his obligations, the client will be obligated to refund all costs made by us, both legal and non-legal costs, which in part includes the V.A.T. and the costs of a request for bankruptcy which will be calculated according to the tariff set by the Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten, with a minimum amount of  €100,-




Article 10         Security


a.     If we have good reason to suspect that the client will not fulfill their obligations of the agreement, we are within our rights to dissolve our obligations before and/or during the carrying out of the agreement until such time that the client can convince us, upon request, that they can fulfill their part of the agreement

b.     After the term, set out by us, has passed where we feel certain that the client is in oversight according to the law and we can dissolve the agreement in writing, without judicial intervention and without affecting our rights to complete compensation.



Article 11         Retention Rights


We are permitted to hold onto any items or other goods of the client which we have or may receive until we have received all details agreed to by the client and the agreement has been completely fulfilled.



Article 12         Limitations


The claiming rights of the client are explicitly limited to a maximum duration of one year after being brought about.



Article 13         Differences and applicable rights


a.     The Netherlands law applies to all our offers and agreements.

b.     In the event that a disagreement arises between us and the client, the Arrondissementsrechtbank in Roermond will be informed, except when the Kantonrechter is involved in the first instance.



Article 14         Deposition


The General Conditions are deposited at the offices of the Kamer van Koophandel and Fabrieken in Venlo.