About the database

Crop Management System.



This system is an online program (www.innocrop.com) that helps you to improve your growing results. It is destined for growers, consultants and employees in glasshouse companies. To achieve optimal results, it is priority to make the right decisions at the right time. After all the results will improve when the number of mistakes is limited.

The system can be compared with a Crop Navigation System;  it is made to keep you on the right track!


Set up of the system

The Crop Management Systems consists of the following chapters:

*Crop calendar:  This is the Navigation System.  The main growing systems are separated

  in different crop stages (for instance, start of the crop, from first flower open to topping of

  the plants,  production of stem fruit etc, etc). For every crop stage you can find the optimal

  strategy for the different settings, like temperature, pipe temperature, humidity, screening,

  CO2, water, nutrition etc.  But also you can find advice what to do when the situation is

  not optimal.  For instance what action can be taken when the generative development has to

  be stimulated. This system can be applied in the whole world. Of course there are many

  differences in outside climate conditions between the countries; so the ways to control a crop

  can be completely different. But the systems supplies the direction and what actions should

  be taken to achieve the best results.


*Nutrition: In this chapter you can find for the different crop stages the optimal

  concentrations for the nutrients (optimal, minimum and maximum). Also there will be an

  advice what to do when the concentrations are not within the optimal ranges.


*General information: This is basic information about all kind of aspects like; Climate,

  Crop protection, Nutrition and Plant physiology etc,etc


*Picture archive: here you can find lots of pictures of growing systems, diseases, labour

  aspects,  pictures of all kind of damages, water, nutrition, technique etc.


*Movie archive; for instance to illustrate different crop management treatments (labour).

 A short movie gives more information than 5 pages of text!



What is ready now!

Crop calendar, nutrition and general information are ready and tested! Of course these chapters will be updated regularly. The same is for the picture- and movie archive. At the moment the picture archive consists of about 200 pictures, but this is only a start. New pictures will be added every month!

The movie archive (with short movies about labour) now consists of a few short movies; more movies will be added soon.

In 2012 we will add more information about crop work, economy etc.  There will also be an archive with the weekly "news from Holland".